Learn about the basics of design


The importance of design in contemporary reality is fundamental, from there we define tastes and preferences, in addition to its study is essential to understand why the phenomenon of advertising and marketing.

The concept of graphic design has changed radically in recent years, as the use of new marketing techniques and technological changes, have led to this concept is modified, so this discipline has branched out forming new studies such as Digital Communication, Design integrated graphic and digital design.

The fundamentals of the design are varied, all appeal to particular forms according to the client’s purposes or requirements of a third party, however the principles in all are the same: satisfy the client, print aesthetics and visual enjoyment, induce consumption and maintain the quality appealing to graphic principles.

There are four neuralgic elements of this profession:

Conceptual elements Here the form and the general idea come into play, the item to which the design refers must agree with the concept.

Visual elements The visual language is the main component of the concept, forms and figures, constitute a whole, the visual in this context does not mean only the perception of an object but its semantic and conceptual level.

Elements of relationship. The forms of how entities intertwine and compose form a semiotic plane that the designer must build.

The designer in his purpose to make an efficient and comprehensive design, should ponder the above, it can be said that these categories are subdivided into other more specific, as a whole, make the message a joyful experience, rich visually and interesting in its composition semiotics.

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